Affectionately known as “Poppy” by his family, Rob is a “Salt of the Earth” kind of guy. Having spent 35 years working as a Can Tech Specialist at Coors Brewing Company in addition to being full time rancher, Poppy has been using his resourcefulness for the past 40 years. The backbone of consciousness for Backyard Genius, LLC, Poppy often speaks from experience and his realist approach to inventing things can be both eye opening and frustrating to the boys.   Since retiring from the can plant in 2007, Poppy is a volunteer with the Douglas County Mounted Patrol along with his wife, Cindy. In addition, he is also a car enthusiast and president of the Castle Rock Corvette Club. When not riding his mule, “Marvin” or racing his car “Breezy”, Poppy spends much of his time inventing and testing his newest creations in hopes of finding ways to help others when not attending to Cindy’s constant projects on the farm. Married for almost 41 years, a proud father of 2 and grandpa of 5, Poppy’s legacy will be known for a long time as the ultimate backyard genius who continues to repurpose, re-invent and redefine the way things are built until the duct tape runs out!

Personality: Outspoken, Opinionated, Seasoned, Skeptical, Tells People what he wants them to hear, legendary

Hobbies: Volunteering for the Mounted Patrol, Riding his Mule, Racing his Corvette, Shooting Guns and drinking beer.

Goals: To be a good friend, husband, father and grandfather

Favorite Inventor: Henry Ford

Mentor(s): the Late Tony “Doc” Anderson, DVM

Favorite Food: All types of Italian pasta, beef and desserts

Favorite Automobile: The Corvette

Personal Website: Rob Parker